1 year TTC ‘How to become a Yogi’, November 2023 – October 2024

Yoga as Lifemanagement

About the Course

The Teacher Training Course is offered in cooperation with Anna Yogacentrum in Arnhem.

The course has started on November 24th, however it is still possible to join in on December 8th! Contact us directly if you are interested.

‘How to become a Yogi’ is a training where you will learn the complete basics of Yoga, according to the Indian tradition. The goal of the classes is not only to understand Yoga, but especially to apply it to yourself.

The training starts in November 2023. Here you will have classes once every two or three weeks on a Friday and have the opportunity to practice at home, in your own rhythm, and integrate everything you learn into your life. Each week you attend two short classes at the yoga center. You will be personally guided through a step-by-step growth process.

This training is an accredited 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, which will allow you to start as a Yoga instructor upon completion. Moreover, through Yoga you will learn to go through life in a healthy and happy way.


– 18 classes on a friday from 09:30 to 16:30, spread over 12 months;
– Weekly participation to two 2 short lessons;
– Personal guidance;
– All important Asanas, including background information;
– Kriya, Pranayama and Meditation;
– Fundamental principles such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Bhavas and the Four Pillars of Yoga;
– Yoga as it is taught in India.


Dutch and English


  • Introductionworkshop on September 23rd 2023;
  • Puja on November 10th (initiation ceremony by a Hindu priest);
  • From November 2023 to October 2024 one classday every two or three weeks on a friday from 09:30 to 16:30;
  • First class on November 24th 2023;
  • Every sunday a class from 09:30 to 10:45;
  • And 1 regular weekly class of your choice from the ANNA Yoga schedule;
  • Weekly reflection of your experiences and developments;
  • Once a month participation to Satsang after the sunday class.
  • Examination and closing ceremony in November 2024

Dates and times may be changed for organizational reasons.


The training takes place at Anna Yoga, a central location in Arnhem.

ANNA Yoga centre
Kastanjelaan 33
6828 GJ Arnhem
The Netherlands

Anna Yogacentrum is located in the building of Gezondheidcentrum Parkstraat on the corner of Parkstraat and Kastanjelaan in Arnhem.

There are three parking spaces on the premises of Anna Yogacentrum. There are ample paid parking options nearby. The vending machines only accept debit card payments! The free-parking zone starts behind the shops on Johan de Witt laan, just under a 10-minute walk from the centre.

The centre is less than 10 minutes walk from Arnhem Velperpoort Station and Stadstheater bus stop.


De price for the course is € 3250,- per person. This is including:
– Studymaterials;
– 17 course days from 09:30 to 16:30;
– 1 examday with practical and theoretical exam;
– Sattvic vegetarian lunch and drinks;
– 2 weekly lessons of 75 minutes, between November 24th and October 4th;
– Certificate of completion, 200hrs Indian Classical Yoga.

Practical information

Yoga Mat
Yoga mats are provided; you may of course bring your own.
You can purchase your own mat at the start of the course.

A Sattvic vegetarian lunch will be provided every Friday class. Diets or allergies please let us know in advance, a surcharge may apply.

Weekly classes
Every Sunday morning there is class from 09:30 to 10:45. Additionally, you can choose one regular weekly class from ANNA Yoga’s curriculum. After registration we will contact you to schedule this fixed weekly class with you.
Are you already registered for a regular class? Then it can continue.
Have you already paid for a season pass until the end of December 2023? Then you keep access to 2 classes per week until the end of December 2024!


You pay for the training in two parts. After booking the training you will receive the invoice for the registration fee of EUR 1250,-. Only after receiving this payment the reservation is final. Around December 31 you will receive the second invoice for EUR 2000,-.
Do you prefer to pay in installments? Please write it in the ‘comment’-field when filling out the reservation form.

We understand that a one year training can be a big commitment. In the unlikely event that you wish to discontinue the training, we can accommodate you with a cancellation policy.
In case of cancellation or discontinuation of the training before December 31 2023, you will be refunded half of the registration fee.
After payment of the second invoice, in case of cancellation or discontinuation of the course, you will be refunded EUR 200 per full calendar month missed.
If the course cannot take place due to e.g. governmental measures, the reservation will be cancelled free of charge, any deposit will be refunded.

In all the classes you wear loose, non-revealing clothes.  
Tight clothes, short tops, shorts, capris, tank tops, low cut and short shirts etc. are not suitable. Instead wear trousers, track pants, sleeved T-shirts, shirts, salwar kameez, kurta, etc.

Qualities of a student 
To learn Yoga without hinderances a student’s mental attitude is of importance. 
Do not have expectations and be grateful for everything you learn. 
While in class, forget what you have learned before. Do not compare with earlier teachings, but listen with an empty mind. Only then can you absorb and understand the teachings. 
Follow the instructions of your teachers and keep practicing with determination. 
Develop interest in all the subjects by understanding its purpose, do not limit the practice to your likes. 

About Activity


Please fill in the form below to sign up for this course.

Note: Prices of bookings with accommodation are excluding tourist tax of EUR 4,- per person per booking. The information you provide is used for processing your reservation, to anticipate the group dynamic and room assignment. It will not be shared with any other party then the site of accommodation.

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