Advanced 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course, April 15 – May 14 2023

Continue self-development with Yoga as a Way of Life

About the Course

Once you have started on the path of Yoga you are able to make changes in your life that benefit you. After your first Yoga education you might even have started teaching. Yet there comes a point that you stop growing. The things you have learned, but have not implemented slowly get forgotton. Even as an experienced Yoga practicioner or teacher you need to keep learning. You require a teacher to remind you of the things you already know, to keep you up to date so that you may renew your practices and to teach you new things so that you do not stop growing.

This 300 hours advanced Yoga Teacher Training course is given in one month. It teaches you to stay and to grow in the Yoga Way of Life.

In the course we will reflect on the basic Asana’s and Pranayama’s and get a deeper understanding of their purpose. You will learn Bhandha’s, Mudra’s, Kriyas, advanced Asana’s and advanced Pranayama’s. Other practices given are Bhajan’s, Dharana’s and Satsang.
You will get a deeper understanding of the Indian Philosophy by looking at specific parts of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, Samkhya, Vedanta and Buddhism.
Classes are given to get a deeper understanding of the Human body and you will learn to calculate a diet which is suitable to you as an individual.

Besides the course syllabus, you will learn about a healthy lifestyle, cooking and eating consciously, controlling the mind and self-development.

General information can be found at the  ‘Teacher Training Courses’-page.


– Yoga as it is taught in India;
– For a month, live Yoga as a Way of life;
– A full package of Asana’s, including background information;
– Kriya, Pranayama, Bhandha, Mudra Bhajans and Dharana;
– Personal attention, with exercises and your inner processes;
– A deeper look at the Indian Philosophy from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, Samkhya, Vedanta and Buddhism;
– A personalized diet
– Create happiness in your life by controlling your mind;
– A beautiful peaceful French estate, surrounded by nature;




The first day of the course is the arrival day and is always on a Saturday.

Classes are from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:30, outside of which students do self-practice and self-study.

The sundays in between the course are free to spend at leisure.

The last day of the course is the departure day and is always on a Sunday.

The organization is free to make adjustments to the schedule.

Arriving earlier or staying longer is possible upon request.


The one-month residential course takes place at Centre Lothlorien, an international guesthouse and course center located in the Northeast of France. It is situated in the countryside of the Champagne-Ardenne region in a beautiful valley, surrounded by forest. Centre Lothlorien covers approximately 14 hectares with hills, forest, gardens, fields, creeks and lakes. This energetic and relaxing place offers an ideal base to find peace and tranquility within. Centre Lothlorien is a Dutch initiative.

Students will stay in a guestroom in the Chateau. Here you will live in a healthy and natural daily rhythm, together with the team and teachers of the center. The kitchen is vegetarian and you will experience Sattvic and Ayurvedic meals.

Centre Lothlorien
Domaine de Moiron
52800 Foulain, France

More information about the accommodation can be found on


The price for the course is € 3250,- per person. Included in this are:
– Stay in a shared room at the Chateau of Centre Lothlorien, use of shared bathroom

– Breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea breaks, sattvic vegetarian meals
– All teachings from the syllabus and more
– All study materials

– Practical and theoretical exam

– Certificate of completion from Indian Classic Yoga.

A private room can be requested but is not guaranteed. For this a surcharge of € 300,- applies.

Practical information

Public Yoga mats are available, new Yoga mats are for sale.

At the location it is preferred you pay in cash. An ATM is available in the city of Chaumont which is 10 kilometres away.

Please share any dietary wishes in advance, a surcharge may apply.

Please contact us if you require a pick up from the Chaumont train station or Langres-Nord Flexbus stop.


Payment and Cancellation
We request a deposit of EUR 300,-. Only after receiving this payment is the reservation final. The remainder can be paid on the arrival day.
In case of cancellation, the entire amount of the deposit will be refunded up to 2 months in advance. Half of the deposit will be refunded between 2 months to 1 month in advance. After that, there is no right to a refund.
If your course or stay cannot take place due to government measures (eg. negative travel advice), your reservation will be canceled free of charge, any payment will be refunded.

During the activities we ask you to behave as it befits a Yoga student. Please dress appropriately by wearing loose, non-revealing clothing.
No drugs are allowed at the center.

Required experience
This course is suitable for everyone who has done a 200hours Yoga TTC from The Yoga Institute or one of it’s branches.
In case you have done a 200 hours Yoga TTC elsewhere you are eligable in case you:
– Have practical experience of basic asana’s and pranayama’s;
– Have a basic understanding of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s;
– Know the Yama’s and Niyama’s and to some extend have implemented them in your life;
– Know about the components of Citta and to some extend have started on developping a selfless attitude.
(If the above does not apply to you, even if you have experience, we recommend the 200 hours Yoga TTC.)

About Activity


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Note: Prices of bookings with accommodation are excluding tourist tax of EUR 4,- per person per booking. The information you provide is used for processing your reservation, to anticipate the group dynamic and room assignment. It will not be shared with any other party then the site of accommodation.

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