Relaxing and inspiring Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation Retreats in France.

To practice Yoga means to constantly learn and grow. When you are busy with every day things, such as your job and your household you easily lose sight of this. Therefore, every once in a while, you need to withdraw yourself from this hasty life to be with like-minded people and to reconnect with yourself. Centre Lothlorien in France offers all the elements that are required. There is an abundance of nature, inspirational sights and peacefulness.

For Whom?

Yoga is for everyone. The wisdom of Yoga is endless so there is always more to learn no matter how much experience you have with Yoga. Especially if you have learned Yoga in a Western country, most of the key principles have not been taught. In our retreats we teach Indian Classic Yoga. By teaching the fundamental principles of Yoga, everyone can benefit, no matter your experience, age, gender, culture of physical capabilities.

Children Theme Weeks

Did you know that at Centre Lothlorien children’s theme weeks are organized in July and August? The program is for children from 5 to 12 and runs synchronously with the program of the adults. While you join the yoga course, they go on an adventure and play in and with the nature. Don’t forget to register your child!

Yoga retreat France Highlights

–  Yoga as it is taught in India;
–  The possibility to participate to early morning Asana’s;
–  A morning activity program and an afternoon to spent as you will;
–  A beautiful peaceful French estate, surrounded by nature;
–  Accommodation choices to your own budget and requirements;
–  The possibility to join vegetarian meals.

Centre Lothlorien

The retreats take place at Centre Lothlorien a French estate in the Grand-Est, which is reachable within a day by car, from most West-European countries. At the center you will find everything that nature has to offer. The terrain with a length of 2 kilometers holds a creek, two lakes, rock formations, forest, gardens, hills and fields. All the walking paths on the terrain itself are quiet, beautiful and inspirational. The terrain is surrounded by forest where you can walk for hours without meeting a soul.


Centre Lothlorien has a lot of different options for your accommodation. The most luxury is a room in the Chateau. If you prefer to stay independent you can choose between one of the apartments, holiday houses or log cabins. Furthermore, there is a large green campsite where you can stay with your tent, camping car or caravan. There is even an isolated retreat house in the forest and a hobbit hole.
Meals are provided at the center, but you can also choose to prepare your own meal at your accommodation of choice or at the public facilities.
For your convenience we have designed a few packages, but you can create your own package as you like. Look at the website of Centre Lothlorien for more information.

Indian Classic Yoga

All the retreats are taught with the knowledge from ancient Indian traditions. We balance practical and theoretical activities and teach in such a way that you can implement what you learn in your own life.

All the today’s day Yoga styles are derived from traditional Yoga. Therefore, you will find different styles back in our teachings. The Asana practice is based on Hatha Yoga postures. A lot of the postures are done in flow, similar as Ashtanga, Vini yoga or Vinyasa. Our practical activities include Pranayama and Meditation.

In our group-sessions, lectures and workshops we provide you with tools for self-development and help you how to deal with life situations. This all comes from the Yoga philosophy. The wisdom is based on the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali, but also other Vedic traditions such as Samkhya and Vedanta.

One of the most important aspects in Yoga, which is often forgotten, is food. In our programs we introduce the knowledge of Ayurveda, which has at its core how to live a balanced life, how to become and stay healthy and give your body what it requires.

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Upcoming Activities


What They Say.

Yoga Teacher Training Course in France 2021
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This is the first day of the rest of your life! The best investment of yourself! I will make a change of food in my life and cutting habits. I am in contact with the universal energy again since 7 years. Yeahaaa!
Yoga Teacher Training Course in France 2021
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What I would say to someone who is interested in following the TTC is, ‘Do it’! It is not only a truly enriching experience, but one that has the potential to change your life. I absolutely loved the diversity of each day. The mix between theory, practice and different activities is fun and also keeps me alert and energized during the day. I also really, really enjoyed learning about the theory and background of Yoga, Indian philosophy and the Sanskrit language.
Yoga Teacher Training Course in France 2021
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My perception of Yoga has changed, as it is more about all aspects of life then I thought. And also there is more behind the practical part which is only highlighted in Western Yoga. After following this course I will take better care of myself before others and tr to love myself more. Not to depend on others but myself and have more faith in the universe.

Do you need Personal advice?

Which Asana suits you? What is your Ayurvedic constitution? Which food and lifestyle will return your health? What do you need to change to find happiness?

Contact us for advice and private consultations