The most special Yoga experience at Centre Lothlorien

Perhaps the most special Yoga experience at Centre Lothlorien so far was the one month Yoga Teacher Training Course in the spring of 2021. We would like to tell you more about this and have asked 3 students to share their experiences with you.

Yoga is not about stepping on a mat a few times a week and doing a few Asanas. Yoga is a way of life. You practice Yoga with every step you take, every bite you eat, every thought you form and every breath you take. To integrate yoga into your life in such a way requires intensive guidance and practice, many concepts and techniques require deep explanation. The Yoga Teacher Training at Centre Lothlorien is meant to give you that experience so you can transform yourself and your life. It is the path to happiness and health. We ask our students about this.

How has your perception of Yoga changed?

“It is much more about all aspects of life than I had thought. There is also much more to the practical side than what is emphasised in Yoga classes in the Netherlands. I was most surprised by the space and time given to fun games, the feedback on general behaviour and the involvement of the teachers in a positive way.” 

“My image of Yoga has changed a lot. Before the training I mainly knew Yoga from sports studios where you can practice Asanas, at least that is what I thought ;-). Now I know more about the whole philosophy behind Yoga and all the different practices that come with it, I love it even more! It was very surprising to me how holistic the whole programme is, from the food to the exercises to game nights and writing cards to each other. I really feel that we are living Yoga here instead of just learning about it.”

The training is given at Centre Lothlorien in the North-East of France. This location is easily reached within a day from the Netherlands, yet you have the feeling that you are in another world. You are in the middle of nature and you can walk for hours without meeting a soul. The beauty of the course being held in spring is that you can see nature blossom, you are surrounded by the whistling of birds all day long and you find yourself in an oasis of peace. These are ideal conditions to turn inwards and live in a natural rhythm together with the team and teachers of the centre and apply the Yoga way of life to your own life.

Which changes apply in your life?

“The biggest change is to change my eating pattern and to unlearn bad habits. For the first time in 7 years I am in contact with the universal energy. This is the first day of the rest of my life and this month was the best investment in my soul.”

“I focus much more on fulfilling my duty to myself, focusing on my morning routine and the way I approach my work. I recommend anyone who is interested to do this training, because this experience is not only enriching, but has the potential to change your life!”

The Indian Classic Yoga course is different from what you will find elsewhere in Yoga. This is because it is not based on the Western model. The syllabus is in accordance with the standards of ‘The Yoga Institute’ in Mumbai, the oldest organised Yoga centre in the world. It is Yoga as it has been passed on from teacher to student over the centuries and contains all the core values of the Vedic tradition. Topics include the principles of Vedic history, Bhavas, Guna’s and other models from Samkhya philosophy, the basics of Ayurveda, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. 

Everything you learn is presented in a way that you can apply it to your daily life, with a modern take on Asanas, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, dealing with stress and having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What did you like about this month the most?

“I absolutely love the diversity of each day. The mix between theory and practice and the different activities are fun and keep me alert and energetic throughout the day. I also really enjoy learning about the theory and background of Yoga, Indian philosophy and the Sanskrit language.”

“I really liked the energy in the group. I also love the Asanas in the morning and the lectures on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Of course the place of teaching, the room and the whole terrain of Centre Lothlorien is very special. It feels like stepping into a warm bath. For me this is like a second home.”

Personal development of students is what is paramount in the way we teach. Only what you have experienced and applied to yourself, you can teach to others. That is why the Teacher Training Course is offered on a small scale. The activities support the process of loosening physical and mental knots, so that you can go through life lighter and looser, which is the true purpose of Yoga.

What would you tell someone who is interested in the course?



“It is a really comprehensive course with a mix of practical & theoretical lessons that will change your perception of life. Especially the Asanas, Pranayamas and the eightfold path from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras were very meaningful to me. The whole training has helped me to take better care of myself and to love myself more. I am not dependent on anyone but myself and I have faith in the universe.”

The testimonials and images in this article are from the Indian Classic Yoga Teacher Training Course from 10 April to 9 May 2021 at Centre Lothlorien, the Yoga Institute France.

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